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Lisa Lampanelli makes a living off of talking trash about others. But she also clearly enjoys it. How else to explain the vicious roaster going off on not one (Arsenio Hall), not two (Dayana Mendoza) but three (Lou Ferrigno) fellow contestants on tonight’s edition of The Celebrity Apprentice? My full recap will be up at 2am (UPDATE: Click to see Dalton’s full Celebrity Apprentice update), but if you can’t wait to sound off on what happened and who went home, then read on for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.]

After hearing Arsenio talk ill of her buddy Aubrey O’Day, Lisa unloaded on him. After learning Dee Snider had been fired, she unloaded on Lou and Dayana. And after her team lost the project of putting together a 60 second ad, she really unloaded on Lou in the Boardroom — and this was before he had even uttered the words “110 percent.” Unfortunately for Lou, his fuzzy math could not save him this time, and he was finally fired by Donald Trump, who refused The Hulk’s awkward demand to “Take it back!”

Lou was fired even though he repeatedly made suggestions about Project Manager Dayana’s losing ad, and team member Penn Jillette once again disappeared halfway through the task to go play magic somewhere. Over on the other team, Aubrey O’Day returned and starred in a racy ad that had her acting positively orgasmic at the sight of a Overnight Prints coupon app, while Paul Teutul transformed himself into a Claymate by coloring all his hair red.

In the end, Lisa and Lou kept screaming at each other in the Boardroom while Trump talked about how pathetic it is when older men date younger women. (And no, it was not backwards day.) My recap will be up soon, but you can weigh in right here and right now. Which ad did you like better? Should Lou have been fired even though Lisa and Dayana have now lost an amazing 7 out of 9 tasks? Should Penn even bother showing up for projects anymore since it doesn’t seem to matter in terms of him staying or going? Hit the message boards and let us know! And for more reality ramblings, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.