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Confession: I still haven’t watched the season two finale of Happy Endings. I know, I know! But before you judge me, it’s not because I don’t love the series! I’m just trying to delay the summer separation with my favorite new Friends for as long as I possibly can.

The only good thing about this break? It gives me plenty of time to respond to your questions (I received quite a few after last week’s Style Hunter post on Alex’s graphic-tee) about various looks on the show. See my finds below…

Hi Nuzhat! I was wondering if you could tell me where Alex’s hot pink shirt is from in the episode “The Kerkovich Way”? Thanks! Christina

Well, since you asked so nicely…Alex’s hot pink blouse—that looks deceptively red in the totally awkward photo above—is from Zara. (The show’s costume designer, Keri Smith, estimates the price to be around $59). Unfortunately, the piece isn’t available online but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to track it down in stores. Just in case you can’t however, you may want to try this similar style which is available online.

Early in this season of Happy Endings Adam Pally had a white zip up hoodie with a red stripe and a blue stripe across the chest. If you could give me any info on where to find it I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Sam Edenfield

Though I didn’t have a ton of information to work with here (ahem, Sam), I was able to find the hoodie in question. The only problem is that it’s vintage, which means you’re probably better off scouring the racks for a close match.

Hi! I enjoyed your post about the styles on Happy Endings and have been searching for the pillows in Penny’s apartment. I love that all of the interiors on that show are modern and reflect each character’s style. Love EW! Thanks. Meg

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Though I searched high and low for the pillows in question, I turned up empty-handed (you still love us though, right?). I was able to establish that they came from the Sony Studios Prop House, but that’s where the trail gets cold. I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime I suggest you browse this fantastic collection of modern pillows that Penny herself would fall in love with. (If I do manage to find the pillows pictured, I’ll post an update on this blog next week. So keep checking in!).

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