Carrie Underwood plays dress-up, Katy Perry goes all ''Private Benjamin,'' and Jack Black recruits his famous friends in these latest clips

By EW Staff
April 06, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Carrie Underwood, ”Good Girl”
Good Carrie wears sweet-cream chiffon, fluffy crinolines, and tortoiseshell glasses; Bad Carrie prefers black lace, thigh-highs, and heels spiky enough to drive in a railroad tie. But both look like they could probably cause a nice boy a whole lot of trouble. B+

Lana Del Rey, ”Blue Jeans”
What’s black and white and Calvin Klein-fragrance-commercial-y all over? Lana’s sexy-inscrutable latest is a languid parade of palm trees and slo-mo dips in the pool with her tattooed lover and a crew of crocodiles. (They should really think about getting their filter checked.) B+

Katy Perry, ”Part of Me”
After catching her man cheating, Katy’s mad enough to cut off all her hair and enlist in the Marines. It’s fun seeing her in full G.I. Jane mode, taping down her famous assets with ACE bandages — oh, the things she’ll do for America! — but the recruitment strategy is specious. Trying to make your ex jealous? Girl, join OkCupid, not the military. B-

Far East Movement Feat. LMFAO, ”Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)”
The action never stops on Far East Movement’s shape-shifting party bus, which pauses only for a sloppily choreographed flash mob. Chorus crooner Justin Bieber doesn’t ride along (or maybe he’s not allowed to without a valid form of 21-and-over ID?), but there are plenty of shots of LMFAO’s trademark Shuffle Bot. B+

Tenacious D, ”To Be the Best”
If you’re going to feature only 60 seconds of music in your six-minute comeback clip, like Jack Black’s epic comedy-rock side project does here, it had better have head-turning cameos (Dave Grohl, Josh Groban), a mountable digital eagle, and the best Val Kilmer death scene since Tombstone. A-

Karmin, ”Brokenhearted”
What’s worse than your bandmate-slash-fiancé not calling you back? Watching him pick up another girl in your own parking lot after you spent the whole day perfecting your pinup-girl pompadour for him. Band practice is going to be so awkward! B-

Dev Feat. Enrique Iglesias, ”Naked”
What happened in Vegas should’ve stayed in Vegas. Because judging by this clip, Dev and Enrique’s big Sin City weekend was totally meh: no showgirls or wild animals, just her applying lipstick while he plays craps and gets ladies to blow on his dice. (No, that’s not as sexy as it sounds.) C+

Rye Rye, ”Boom Boom”
The pint-size Baltimore rapper makes like a Super Mario Sister, jumping over multicolored mushrooms, shooting firepower at her enemies, and dancing to Nintendo-esque bleeps and bloops. But when she tells one muscle-bound Big Boss, ”Let’s plug and play,” we don’t think she’s talking about videogames anymore. B+