By EW Staff
Updated April 06, 2012 at 06:10 PM EDT

Fifteen years after James Cameron’s Titanic sailed — and didn’t sink at the box office — the film returns in another dimension. The director, who set the standard for 3-D cinema with Avatar, retrofitted his old-Hollywood romance for a second voyage. “It’s probably the last movie on earth that needed to be a 3-D movie,” said EW’s Owen Gleiberman, who nevertheless embraced the re-release. “It was always a spectacular popping-off-the-screen experience, and it still is.”

Lisa Schwarzbaum agreed, with a reminder that the real movie magic is the script and its stars. “Seeing young Kate Winslet. Seeing young Leonardo DiCaprio. They just look spectacular. And I was totally swept away by the love story.”

Watch the latest installment of Movie Talk With Owen and Lisa below, as Gleiberman explains the one significant difference in his reaction to watching the epic disaster film in 2012.

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