Madonna launches Truth or Dare fragrance, ''Human Centipede'' feud delays production on third sequence, and more

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1. Eddie Murphy attached to star in Triplets, sequel to Twins, in which he would play the newly discovered sibling of Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger
It sounds pretty implausible until you think: an unexpected addition to Schwarzenegger’s family…

2. Madonna launches fragrance called Truth or Dare
It’s projected to sell better than the test scent: Used Playground.

3. Jerry Lee Lewis marries for seventh time; she’s the ex-wife of Lewis’ cousin, whose 13-year-old sister he married in 1957
His relationship status on Facebook: ”It’s beyond complicated.”

4. Miami Heat’s LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade try to jam as a trio at Bosh’s ”Roaring ’20s” birthday party on March 28
Counting that 99-98 loss in Utah on March 2, we’re guessing the Heat finished the month 0-2 against the Jazz.

5. 98 Degrees rumored to be reuniting
Further proof that global warming is real.

6. Firefighters rush to Katherine Heigl’s house for false alarm blamed on steam from inside her house
As the fire trucks pulled up, Seth Rogen walked out wearing a gas mask and toting a bong while muttering, ”Whoaaa…”

7. Adam Levine, model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna split
Friends knew the relationship was in trouble when she started coming down the stairs for breakfast and Adam wouldn’t even turn around in his chair.

8. Luxurious Laguna Beach home owned by Kristin Cavallari’s parents and featured on The Hills sells in foreclosure for $6.1 million
Lauren Conrad then laughed maniacally, waved the title in front of Cavallari’s face, and said, ”You know what you did!”

9. Human Centipede 3 star feuds with director, pulls out of movie just weeks before production to begin
So not getting in the middle of that one.

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