''Experiential journalist'' and former EW staffer A.J. Jacobs chronicles his quest for ''bodily perfection'' in his hilarious new book. Here are a few factoids

By Stephan Lee
Updated April 06, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Watching Letterman may be bad for your waistline
Studies show that we eat up to 71 percent more when we’re parked in front of the TV. And people who watch Letterman eat more than people who watch Leno.

Blueberries are good for you — just not that good
The obsession with blueberries as a ”superfood” can be traced to the efforts of Maine blueberry growers. Back when demand was low, they marketed blueberries as candy and even hamburger condiments. When research showed the berries’ antioxidant rating was high, the farmers ran with it.

Winning an Academy Award has health benefits
Oscar winners live, on average, three years longer than nonwinners.

New York City could ruin your hearing
Decibels above 85 can cause hearing loss. Dave and Buster’s in Times Square: 102 decibels; New York subway train entering the station: 110.

Graham crackers are (supposedly) better than sex
Victorian health guru Sylvester Graham thought lust was terrible for the health. His fix? Bland foods. He invented the graham cracker to curb the passions of teenage boys.