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Mitt Romney is forever lampooned as a Ken doll, but now there’s a candidate that we pop-culture-obsessed folks can endorse: Meet the Barbie I Can Be… President doll, Mattel’s latest incarnation of the icon. Just in time for the 2012 election season, Barbie is officially announcing her candidacy as leader of the “B Party.”

The look? She’s stately and patriotic for sure, and there appears to be some First Lady realness happening fashion wise: Hello, Jackie O. and Michelle Obama! Besides a bunch of platitudes about this new Barbie being empowering for girls everywhere, the release trumpeting the news is delightful, mixing Barbie’s newfound presidential ambitions and empowering message of “B inspired, B informed, and B involved” with her traditional focus on fashion and glamour.

“Just like any world leader or U.S. President, Barbie I Can Be… President stands on her own two feet — literally!” the release says. “In addition to being a fashionable complement to her suit, Barbie doll’s pink wedges actually stabilize and allow her to balance on her own without the help of a doll stand for the first time.” These wedges were made for function and style — what a concept!

Barbie I Can Be… President will be available in June but can be pre-ordered now at the Mattel Shop. And as a bonus, she’ll come in four ethnicities: Caucasian, African American, Asian, and Hispanic.

Would you vote for Barbie?

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