Finishing out the Taylor Kitsch high-wire hat trick of 2012, Oliver Stone’s Savages promises no rickety airships, no alien hordes, no massive CG nautical warfare. Instead, the hard-edged thriller, adapted from Don Winslow’s novel of the same name, focuses on a much more earth-bound type of pyrotechnics, with Kitsch and Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass) playing pot dealers who take on a lethal Mexican drug cartel.

“We’re this boutique-y kind of beyond A-grade marijuana dealers that have a low profile, more or less, and keep it that way on purpose,” Kitsch tells EW. “[The cartel] is basically Walmart. They come in, and they’re like, ‘Hey, we want your business.’ I don’t want to give it up. And Johnson, who plays this Buddhist, he wants to give it up — basically, [the] last thing he wants is anything violent to go down. And the first thing I want is to engage.”

Engage, they do. Check out the trailer, and Kitsch’s thoughts on the special romantic arrangement between Kitsch, Johnson, and Blake Lively’s characters, below:

So, wait, Lively is both Kitsch and Johnson’s girlfriend? That’s… unusual. “Right, yeah, to say the least,” says Kitsch with a laugh. “But I think it works. These guys want her back for different reasons, but at the end of the day, it’s truly just that they do love her in their own kind of f—ed up way. I think for Chon, my character, he’s just so guarded and so jaded that this free spirit kind of just takes down a wall or two and accepts him for that.”

Savages hits theaters July 6.

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