Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: One World.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Multi-part question! Sometimes when you have odd numbers, you let the person who is not chosen for a team in a reward challenge pick a team to root for, and if they win, that person also gets to take part in the reward. Why didn’t the non-playing Tarzan get that choice, and why did you allow the winners to bring a whole cooler of crisp, clean, refreshing 7UP back to the losers?

JEFF PROBST: Okay first of all, Tarzan did get to choose a tribe to root for but he chose the losing tribe and we were cutting time so we just cut it out of the show since it never played out. I think next time we do that we’re going to go back to “the person not picked” does not participate and can’t win reward. Period. As for bringing back the reward, it really depends on the situation. Typically they cannot but because 7UP wanted everybody to get to share, we just changed it so they could bring back a cooler that would play out and be at camp for future episodes! The sponsors are who keep Survivor on the air so we work with them as much as we can to make them happy so long as it doesn’t mess up our game.

Keep that producer’s hat on because I have another challenge question for you. You’ve always sprinkled in some immunity challenges like the one last night where most of the contestants are eliminated before you get to the final round. Instead of eliminating players in stages, isn’t it more dramatic to keep the people that really need immunity (like Mike) in for as long as possible so viewers have more of a rooting interest at the end? Also, by combining the various stages into one and letting everyone play it out, doesn’t that offer the chance of even bigger come from behind victories? I’m sure you guys have discussed every angle of this and would love to hear your thoughts.

That’s a very good point. I don’t have an argument. You make a sound observation and one that I will take back to the challenge department. Maybe we’ll use that in the upcoming seasons. Thanks for that.

I simply have to know: What does it feel like to get Tarzaned?

I loved it! As any true Survivor fan knows by now I love having people at Tribal Council who can put a thought together and who love to argue and get into it. Tarzan delivers on all counts. He has an amazing vocabulary, he has a temper and he loves a good debate! “The game is afoot” became one of his favorite sayings and I laughed every time he said it!

Tease us up for next week, Probst!

The men are in trouble. This is the big story going into next week. They have to make a move fast or the women will be too far gone to ever catch up.

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