By Kyle Anderson
April 05, 2012 at 04:45 PM EDT

The video for “Love Interruption,” the first single from Jack White’s forthcoming solo debut Blunderbuss, was an understated affair — it matched the song’s energy, but didn’t come  close to the standards set by the guy who helped craft cornerstone videos like “Fell in Love With a Girl,” “Blue Orchid,” and “Seven Nation Army.”

But “Sixteen Saltines,” White’s new video, makes up for the lack of action in “Love Interruption.” The clip follows the exploits of a handful of teenage thugs who have apparently taken over the world.

Are they in a war zone? Is it after the apocalypse? And why is there so much blue stuff around? Have these kids decided to worship Avatar, or perhaps Big Fat Liar? It’s unclear, but that doesn’t stop them from smashing stuff, getting drunk, and setting fire to a car that contains a bound White.

It’s as intense as one of those British movies about how harsh kids can be, and just as entertaining and compelling. Give it a look below.

Does Jack make it out alive? Hopefully he takes a cue from Axl Rose and creates an elaborate series of interlocking videos that don’t make a lick of sense.

What do you think of “Sixteen Saltines”? And are you looking forward to Blunderbuss? Get rowdy in the comments.


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