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Wilmer Valderrama makes Casanova look like The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Over the past decade or so, the suave Venezuelan-American has been linked to everyone from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Demi Lovato — at this point, he’s definitely better known as a prolific dater than as That ’70s Show‘s goofy foreign-exchange student Fez. And according to a recently tweeted photo, it seems that Valderrama is currently Wilmering yet another gorgeous starlet: former Friday Night Lights actress — and Derek Jeter ex — Minka Kelly.

Hearing that these two might be an item isn’t quite as surprising as hearing, in 2004, that the eighth lead from Summer Catch was somehow dating then-superstar Lindsay Lohan. (You guys, remember how famous Lindsay Lohan was in 2004?) Even so, I’m continually intrigued by Valderrama’s parade of hot, successful girlfriends. His biggest screen credits in the past two years are From Prada to Nada and the straight-to-ABC Family flick A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song — so his resume can’t be what’s winning them over. Is it the faux accent? His entrepreneurial ambitions? Does he smell like cupcakes, maybe?

Then again, Valderrama’s fertile love life may not be Hollywood’s biggest head-scratcher. Whenever I think about the ex-sitcom actor’s romances, I’m immediately reminded of another unlikely ladies man: Adam Duritz, the dreadlocked Counting Crows front man. Duritz’s incredible dating record includes big names like Winona Ryder, Mary-Louise Parker, and not one but two Friends: Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc. (Kidding! Duritz was also linked to Jennifer Aniston.) What’s more, Duritz managed to snag these hotties without the benefit of a sexy foreign heritage, a high-profile TV gig, or a coif that remotely resembled human hair. Well played, Mr. Jones — well played.

But which of these inexplicably fortunate dudes is the ultimate “wait, he’s dating who?” guy? Though I’m inclined to vote Duritz, Valderrama may take the prize. After all, he’s still playing the field — Duritz’s last high-profile, mismatched romance ended when he and Emmy Rossum broke up in 2010.

I can, however, be convinced to change my mind. So please, PopWatchers, weigh in: Is Adam Duritz or Wilmer Valderrama your pick for Hollywood’s Most Improbably Alluring Lothario? Or is there someone else who gives them a run for their money?

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