By Ray Rahman
Updated April 04, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

When this Cali crew first blazed onto the scene in 2011, they straddled the line between scary public enemy and media darling. Their latest suggests they’ve chosen a side — or at least it’s chosen them. ”Still suicidal,” the group’s ? de facto leader Tyler, the Creator raps, ”but some assume that I’m cool now/Because I got a f—ing award in my room now.” Robbed of their outsider status, the ? boys swap horror for hormones on The OF Tape, Vol 2., giddily trading tall tales and witty obscenities. For better or worse, OF might actually be growing up. B?

Best Tracks:
Feel-good Oldie
Spooky NY (Ned Flander)