By Lanford Beard
Updated April 04, 2012 at 03:01 PM EDT

Jon Stewart admitted that Sarah Palin was “quite good and likeable” during yesterday’s stint cohosting the Today show. He took issue, however, “not with how I viewed Governor Palin as cohost of the Today show, it was mostly with how Governor Palin seemed to view it.”

Stewart then set about deconstructing Palin’s claim she was “infiltrating” the mainstream media when she was, in fact, benefiting from it. He snarked, “Do you really believe cohosting the Today show is entering the lion’s den armed only with some Jesus fish earrings and an Iwo Jima-sized flag pin?”

Throughout the segment, Stewart knocked, among other things, the passive-aggressive subtext roiling beneath Palin and cohost Matt Lauer’s “witty” banter, Palin’s contradictory politics, and how she managed to shoehorn her divisive worldview into a conversation about Oprah Winfrey’s failing OWN Network. Stewart also sent correspondent John Oliver to “NBC’s liberal hornet’s nest” to check in with Palin’s supporters and salute the fearless ex-governor — just like the ghost of Ronald Reagan did in one devoted follower’s homemade Palin sign. You can see that in the videos below.

What do you think, PopWatchers? What was your take on Palin’s stint as Today show cohost?

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