Woody Allen’s upcoming To Rome With Love may have gone through several names (the intriguing Nero Fiddled, the unfortunate The Bop Decameron), and it’s not entirely surprising considering what we see in the quip-heavy, plot-light trailer. Still, if you’re looking for a dyed-in-the-wool Woody Allen movie, look no further. It has everything from the loving travelogue aesthetic to the requisite slew of saucy women as objects of fascination-slash-titillation (notably Ellen Page and Oscar-winning Vicky Cristina Barcelona holdover Penélope Cruz), not to mention Allen himself and his Dorian Gray doppelganger Jesse Eisenberg. Roberto Benigni even shows up for the party. Ciao, principe! Check out the promo spot below.

What the trailer lacks in plot points, it makes up for in cheeky subtitles, quickfire Allen laffers (“I’ve got 150, 160 IQ.” — “You’re figuring it in Euros. In dollars, it’s much less.”), and famous faces: Alec Baldwin, Judy Davis, Greta Gerwig, and Alison Pill also star.

To Rome heads to theaters June 22.

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