Hurry up, June 1! As we get closer to Snow White and the Huntsman‘s release date, Universal Studios continues to build anticipation with three additional featurettes about the making of S.W.A.T.H. Today we learn a bit more about the plot of what Kristen Stewart refers to as “an action-packed revenge movie”: An imprisoned Snow White (Stewart) is the chosen one –“destined to end the darkness” — to overthrow the evil Ravena (Theron), who has rendered a once-happy kingdom into a dust-covered wasteland.

Director Rupert Sanders — previously known for his rather astonishing commercials — has crafted a totally unique (and really, pretty cool looking) world to set this dark take on the classic fairy tale. (“Rupert knows how to tell a story with imagery,” says Chris Hemsworth, who plays the titular huntsman.)

I think Charlize Theron says it best when she says, “Once the lights go off, we all want to go into a different world. Or maybe Kristen Stewart does, when she predicts that audiences will, “throw [their drinks] on the ground and go yeahhh.” Yeaaah! Hold your drinks and watch the clips below.

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