What’s better than one Rufus Wainwright? Three Rufus Wainwrights, plus a bonus Helena Bonham Carter!

The indie-pop singer-songwriter and opera composer dons costumes for three separate personalities in the new video for “Out of the Game,” the lead single from his forthcoming album of the same name (out May 1).

The video takes place in a library overseen by Bonham Carter, who is seen lip-synching and, in Wainwright’s words, “being very naughty.”

“We have been friends for years,” Wainwright told The Sun. “Not only is she very beautiful, very glamorous, but she is also incredibly funny. At the end of the video, she is basically wearing a bra. So I very much appreciate her friendship for furthering my career.”

Check out the new Bonham Carter-starring video below and let us know if it makes you think differently of the Dewey Decimal System.