Giuliana And Bill
Credit: Style

It makes me pretty uncomfortable when my reality TV is too sincere. That’s why I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and all of that show’s various mutations. Tonight’s season premiere Giuliana & Bill definitely fell in the former category. Of course, that’s to be expected, considering the season largely deals with G’s battle with the big C. For those over the age of 13: Giuliana has cancer.

The episode (like it was Lost) began with a 2-minute “previously on” segment to catch us up on the mythology and the fact that Giuliana and Bill were about to start the in vitro process once again. Now, if you’ve at all kept up with Giuliana the last few months, you know that in this instance, her in vitro led to her breast cancer diagnosis. (The mammogram she received was a requirement of this particular fertility center — and it ended up, essentially, saving her life.) But in this episode, we saw the entire process play out, from receiving the news to the period where she kept her diagnosis a secret from those around her throughout award season. (Also, did you see the cameos from Colbie Smulders and Nina Dobrev?)

What struck me the most was how hard it all was to watch. After four seasons, I’ve grown to rather like the pair, who, to me, don’t seem anything like the out-of-touch celebriturds you usually see chronicled on TV. (You know, the ones we love mocking so much.) They seem like…regular people (whom I, apparently, creepily peer upon). People I’m rooting for.

At any rate, what did you think of the premiere, PopWatchers? Did you find yourself caring more than you think you should? And did you get a little teary watching G talk about having to give her mom the news about her cancer? (Guilty!) Share your thoughts below.