Rear Window

“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out,” Alfred Hitchcock once puffed. Filmmaker Jeff Desom took it upon himself to cut out some bits from Hitch’s voyeuristic 1954 masterpiece, Rear Window, and rearrange them to create a three-minute, single-shot, full-FOV version of the classic film. It doesn’t make the film more dramatic (probably because there was nothing dull to begin with), but it’s still a sight to behold. Watch Miss Torso dance, the Songwriter compose, and Raymond Burr possibly murder his wife, all from the chair-ridden perspective of Jimmy Stewart’s L. B. Jeffries and set to some jazzed-up Brahms.

Technically speaking, it’s impressively seamless, but it also makes you realize how good Hitchcock was at mapping out space in his films. If the courtyard’s geography weren’t so meticulously and intuitively captured, a project like this probably wouldn’t have been possible. Plus, I’m sure the good Master would approve of Desom’s digital stitchwork: After all, he tried to shoot Rope as one long continuous take, hampered only by the 10 cuts needed to switch the camera’s film magazine. Actually, maybe that could be Desom’s next project…

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Rear Window
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