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“How do you fix breaking news?” is the cheeky tagline for Aaron Sorkin’s forthcoming HBO show The Newsroom.

The ad itself is called “Changed Man,” and it bears out that, well, change isn’t always a good thing. Jeff Daniels plays top-of-his-game news anchor Will McAvoy, who spectacularly undermines his hard-earned reputation for objectivity when he has a Network-size freak-out at a college campus Q&A.

“When you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, I don’t know what the f–k you’re talking about,” says McAvoy, who later adds: “I’m a registered Republican, I only seem liberal because I believe that hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure and not gay marriage.”

Even in the age of viral videos, such a misstep is forgivable — and, more to the point, forgettable — but does Will want to forget or be forgiven? Such is the prickly underbelly of the deliciously rat-a-tat-ing trailer for Newsroom, which also features an enviable cast including Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill, Dev Patel, Chris Messina, Thomas Sadoski, and Olivia Munn. Check it out below.

The Newsroom premieres Sunday, June 24.

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