Last night, Don Draper and Harry Crane set off on a noble quest. Their goal: To convince the Rolling Stones to record a jingle for nature’s sexiest food, Heinz baked beans. Alas, SCDP’s brave knights were thwarted when a stoned Harry accidentally signed The Trade Winds* instead of Mick, Brian, and the gang. Their defeat was stinging; only eating 20-odd hamburgers could help soften the blow.

Though some viewers might have found this storyline goofy, Mad Men isn’t nuts for suggesting the Stones might sell out, even at the height of their popularity. As Don told a teenager at the concert, the band actually recorded a rockabilly Rice Krispies jingle in 1963; the song appeared in a commercial that aired only in the UK in 1964. Here’s the spot in question:

Pretty catchy, right? Looks like “Zou Bisou Bisou” has some earworm competition this week.

Heinz, unfortunately, would have to wait a few years before it managed to snag a respected recording artist for its commercials. Just for fun, here’s the brand’s famous “Anticipation” ad, which features memorable usage of a certain Carly Simon tune:

*Seems that Mad Men was referring to these Trade Winds, rather than the band that would become Styx, in last night’s episode. EW regrets the error.

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