Credit: Jay Maidment

Further proof that Daniel Craig is not your daddy’s 007: In an upcoming ad campaign, the blond Bond is going to forgo his trademark cocktail for a swig of Dutch beer. Let’s hope it doesn’t arrive shaken.

Ad Age reports that Craig’s tougher, darker Bond will star in an upcoming Heineken ad, which will do double duty as promotion for the upcoming Bond as wizard RPG James Bond flick Skyfall. Skyfall director Sam Mendes will serve as a creative consultant for the commercial as well.* Though the spot itself has yet to be released, we should expect greatness, or at least virality: Wieden & Kennedy, the agency that brought us The Man Your Man Can Smell Like, is making the ad.

Knowing all this, we’ve really got only one question left… How will Bond, one of the world’s most interesting men, compare to another suave beer pitchman — Dos Equis‘ Most Interesting Man in the World? One has blood that smells like cologne; the other has consorted with women named Honey Rider and Pussy Galore. Mosquitoes refuse to bite The Most Interesting Man, purely out of respect; Bond once wore a wet suit with a rubber duck attached to his head. Clearly, these guys are neck and neck.

Are you looking forward to seeing this ad, PopWatchers, or are you still railing against the sacrilege of 007 drinking beer? (This never would have happened in the Sean Connery days.) More generally speaking, how pumped are you for Skyfall?

*AdAge originally incorrectly reported that Sam Mendes would be directing the Bond Heineken ad; the spot will actually be directed by Fredrik Bond.

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