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When Gossip Girl returns tonight, two members of the gang will be mourning something near and dear to them — and, let’s face it, us — their sex life.

No one could have foreseen this issue arising for Dan and Blair — least of all them. After a fairly lengthy period of love tango between the two, tonight’s episode finds them realizing that their dance in the bedroom needs some work. And while a lesser couple might take this as a sign of non-compatibility, executive producer Josh Safran says the issue is a little different for Dair. “Honestly, for Dan especially, he has loved her for years now, so when you have all of that expectation pent up, it can often go wrong. For Blair, this is a major step — to actually go there with somebody who she didn’t see that way for a very long time and only recently has begun to understand how much he cared about her. Then, she had those feelings herself. It’s scary,” he says. “It’s not necessarily chemistry as much as it is where they are emotionally.”

As with any relationship, he adds, the issue could make or break a pair. But, he assures, “The fun of this story is how they try to overcome it.” That’s not to say it’s smooth sailing after they (presumably) work their issues out in the boudoir.

After losing so much of her identity during her royal mess of a courtship with Prince Louis, Blair will slowly put the pieces of herself back together, says Safran. “I really do believe that Blair’s been through a lot and Dan definitely represents a different side to Blair. In a relationship with him, she’s discovering a different side to herself, as well,” he says. And while Dan will be key to helping Blair become the strong Queen B we once knew, “the question will be for Blair: is this where she sees her life going and how does she feel [about that]?”

But the rest of the season isn’t merely existential conflict, Safran assures. “We have some very vintage Blair stories coming up — like old-school Blair — because she’s definitely getting back to her former self. There’s one story in particular that is just really really super fun and hilarious. I just know the audience is going to love it,” he teases.

That leaves the question of dear old Chuck Bass — the other side to this love triangle of never-ending fan debate. While Dan and Blair get cozy, Chuck will be preoccupied with “some stuff apart from Blair” for the next couple of episodes, no doubt a reference to the return of his uncle, Jack Bass. And, says Safran, the heaviness of Chuck’s situation will begin to “affect him deeply,” leaving Blair with a choice to make. “Whenever Chuck’s been in trouble before, she always wanted to help because she cares about him. So the question is: will she help him because he looks like he needs it or will she not for the sake of her relationship with Dan?” he says.

The Gossip Girl train boards tonight at 8 p.m. ET on the CW. But if you really can’t wait, check out our exclusive clip from the episode below!


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