By Dalton Ross
Updated April 01, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT


Because there is no such thing as too much Celebrity Apprentice, NBC treated (if that’s the right word) us to a three hour episode this evening of Donald Trump firing people. That’s right — people, as in more than one. That’s because tonight’s extravaganza was actually two episodes condensed into one. (So, yes, in essence I am complaining that it should have actually been a four hour episode, but I realize I may be alone in that sentiment.) My full recap will be up at 2am (UPDATE: Click to read Dalton’s full Celebrity Apprentice recap) , but if you can’t wait to sound off on who went home, then read on more for. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.]

After arguing with Teresa Giudice over the size, shape, and amount of boobage appropriate to flaunt in the Boardroom, Debbie Gibson was fired after the women lost a fundraising task in which they attempted to sell New York City guidebooks to rich friends and random passersby. With the women having now lost five out of seven tasks, Trump then mixed up the teams, sending Aubrey and Teresa over to Unanimous, and Dee, Lou, and Penn to Forte. The result was a blossoming new lifelong friendship between Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O’Day. APRIL FOOLS! In actuality, Arsenio went berserk in the second Boardroom, brutalizing Aubrey’s me-first attitude during a project that saw the teams tasked with creating a health segment for “Walk with Walgreens.” (Or, some might say, Wall Mart.) Oh, and did I mention their team actually won.

A traumatized Aubrey walked off the show after the win (or rather rode the elevator off the show) but her addiction to fame leads me to believe that she will return next week. One person not returning will be Dee Snider, who was fired after a really confusing debate with Lou Ferrigno over percentage of effort that no doubt infuriated mathematicians from coast to coast.

My full recap will be up soon, but the message boards are open for business right here and right now. Did the right people get fired? Do you want Aubrey to return or not? Would you have stolen The Blue Man Group’s money? And for more reality ramblings you can follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.