Credit: Everett Collection

When Twins came out in 1988, it marked the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger — then known as the muscle-bound star of R-rated action movies like Predator and The Terminator — had tried his hand at headlining a comedy. It was his biggest hit to date. About a genetically perfect test-tube baby (Schwarzenegger) and his accidental low-life twin brother (Danny DeVito), Twins remains Schwarzenegger’s highest grossing comedy, and also ranks as one of the most successful films of DeVito and director Ivan Reitman’s careers. Adjusted for inflation, it pulled in a robust $218 million in the U.S.

So who’s up for a sequel?

EW has confirmed that Schwarzenegger and DeVito are attached to Triplets, a sequel to their 24-year-old hit that would co-star Eddie Murphy — yes, Eddie Murphy — as their long-lost sibling. The project remains in the very early stages of development. Reitman would produce, not direct, and Universal and Montecito Picture Co. have yet to hire a writer for the script, nor have the companies had any substantive creative dialogue about the film. (The Hollywood Reporter first broke the story.) Still, as cockamamie sequels to bygone 1980s hits go, this one’s a doozy, no?

And the biggest irony about this project? As it stands today, with The Lorax closing in on $200 million, Danny DeVito is the star out of this motley trio with the healthiest box office portfolio.

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