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Updated March 30, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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I went into this week’s episode of Supernatural expecting a light, fun caper. After all, it was about the boys (and returning guest star DJ Qualls) hunting a monster you could only see while intoxicated. Yay, silly fun!

And while it certainly delivered on that level, it also caught me off guard with some rather sobering moments. (Pun completely intended.) Not the least of which was a final-moment return that had me tearing up a bit. [Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the episode.]

Considering how Supernatural has dragged out its main arc of the season (the leviathan) and how long it took them to bring back Misha Collins, I wasn’t expecting to see Jim Beaver as Bobby so soon. But that’s exactly what we got tonight in a big, surprise scene. Let me back up.

Garth (Qualls) was the first to bring up the possibility that Dean’s flask, which was Bobby’s, could be haunted. Dean, of course, scoffed at the idea, and, in fact, really didn’t want to talk about it. When the issue came up in front of Sam, the taller Winchester confessed that he’d had a similar idea, but all investigation he’d done on the matter yielded no signs that Bobby was lingering. The fact that Sam had even been looking into this without Dean knowing about it made Dean peeved. So the issue was dropped after that — until we got to the big fight in the episode, where the boys faced off against this claw-sporting Japanese spirit. (Funny that Sam mentioned The Ring in this episode, because this week’s monster was strikingly similar to the creepy flexible lady in the movie.)

After piecing together the mystery, Sam and Dean had headed to the brewery where they knew they’d cross paths with Garth, who was hot on the monster’s trail. Once there, drunk Sam helped sober Dean (talk about role reversal) fight the monster in one of my favorite fighting sequences this season. (Team work!) But at one point, Dean lost the blessed sword that was going to slay the monster, and just when he thought he was doomed, the sword flew back into his hands. It was as if– no!

After the fight was won, Dean had a moment where he believed Bobby was around. But his pleas to the air did nothing except make Sam feel sad for his poor, desperate brother. Sam brought this up later — without calling Dean poor or desperate; he has tact. And Sam ended up convincing Dean that he was simply reacting like any normal person would during grief. He was seeing things — a side effect of wanting the person he missed to still be in his life. Dean seemed amused by the notion that he would react like a normal person but eventually accepted it. Then they exited the hotel room — leaving Bobby there. Yes, Bobby. No sight has ever been so welcomed!

Bobby was (as many fans guessed weeks ago) attached to the flask Dean had been carrying around and was around the boys the whole time. Only he can’t be seen. (But, spoiler alert, the preview seemed to show that Bobby would be seen in the next new episode. We’ll have to wait and see.)

So what did you think of the surprise reveal, fans? Shocked? Excited? And what did you think of the episode as a whole? Is Garth — much like Dean warned Sam — growing on you? Would you like to see him back? And did you love the fight sequence as much as I did?

Sound off below!

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