Roger Kumble helms a forthcoming episode of The CW's twin identity swap thriller

There’s a special guest in the April 3 episode of The CW’s Ringer, but this time he’s behind the camera. Star Sarah Michelle Gellar asked her Cruel Intentions director (and pal) Roger Kumble to take on an episode of the hour-long thriller, about plotting twins Siobhan and Bridget (both played by Gellar), and he agreed. ”I’m like human resources for all my friends,” she jokes. ”It’s just that I don’t do any of the firing.” So will Ringer include an homage to the hit 1999 film — in which Gellar plays a manipulative socialite who memorably teaches costar Selma Blair how to French-kiss? ”Maybe off camera,” Gellar teases. The episode finds Bridget (posing as Siobhan) admitting to Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) that her husband (Ioan Gruffudd) tried to kill her. Kumble’s Ringer is ”very Hitchcockian,” adds Gellar. ”A lot of it takes place in the apartment. Roger’s strong suit is performance.” As for the April 17 season finale, the actress says viewers will be satisfied: ”What’s going to surprise people is we answer all of the questions. Things you didn’t think you’d see for four seasons, we will answer.”

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