EW has confirmed that actress Amanda Jencsik, a former lover of John Patrick Shanley (Moonstruck, Doubt) has filed a lawsuit against the Oscar- and Pulitzer-winning writer. Per the New York Post, the $5 million suit alleges Shanley forced her to participate in violent sex, including choking and wrapping a belt around her neck during her intercourse. Jencsik also alleges Shanley sodomized her on multiple occasions and would ask her during intercourse, “Do you feel like I’m raping you?”

Jencsik claims she suffered severe psychological distress and physical injuries (including a bowel obstruction) as a result of the four-month relationship, which began via Facebook in October 2009. She says she never alerted the police about Shanley “due to her mental state” and Shanley’s “Svengali-like effect on her.”

Through his attorney Peter Parcher, Shanley told EW, “I dated Amanda Jencsik several times. Our relationship was totally consensual. It ended some time ago. We never exchanged a harsh word. I am distressed and surprised to see her being exploited this way. I wish her well.”

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