This season of American Idol has been weak on water cooler moments and breakout performances.

The biggest newsmakers are still the people sitting behind the judges’ table: Steven Tyler just announced that a new album and tour from his band Aerosmith, and now Jennifer Lopez has dropped a new single called “Dance Again.”

Lopez (who totally didn’t flash any of her naughty bits during the Oscar telecast) got her great career resurrection last summer with the single “On the Floor,” featuring a guest verse from Pitbull and production by RedOne. Clearly operating in the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” idiom, Lopez once again sings over a buttery disco groove with an assist from Miami’s favorite bilingual MC.

Get hydrated, then listen below:

Good thing those lyrics are included, because it allows for deep deconstruction of the line “Make women comfortable/ Call me bloomer.” Also, is that line about getting sued a reference to the Lindsay Lohan lawsuit? Survey says, Yes!

The chorus to “Dance Again” is as pure a piece of effervescent pop as Lopez has ever been a part of, and while it probably isn’t the sort of thing meant to be listened to on headphones in a cubicle, it should play pretty well in places where grinding is encouraged (like clubs in Ibiza, and middle school dances). Expect the video to premiere on Idol in the coming weeks.

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