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This has been such a busy week in TV Land that I’ve completely neglected my backlog of Draw Something games. In case you didn’t know how much I care, now you do. (And if you didn’t know how much I rarely interact with real people, you now also know that, too.)

So without further ado, here are the offerings this week: Gossip Girl finale teases, dish on one of Morgan’s best episodes yet on Criminal Minds, some goodies for Grimm fans, and much, much more.

If your question didn’t sneak in this week, please keep sending them along. ( I’ll try to fit you in next week. Also, continue sending me your random theories and ponderings. They’re highly entertaining (even if I can’t include them all here). Until next time!


I LOVE Gossip Girl fans. Not only because they are a passionate bunch (I like your pluck!), but they are among the most active question askers here at Spoiler Room. So as a thanks: Here are three of your questions answered straight from executive producer Josh Safran.


With increasing frequency, I’m hitting Twitter just before some juicy interviews to solicit questions. So if you’re not following, I suggest you do! This week, I picked a few great Twit-queeries to pose to Criminal Minds EP Erica Messer.


A full Grimm preview with executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt is on the way later today, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a few nuggets I felt were a little too spoilery for the masses. So enjoy the four nuggets below.

+ RETURNS — We know tonight marks the return of Clair Coffee and Fuchsbau from episode 10 (Organ Grinder), but before the end of the season, we’ll see a return from one of the villains with whom Capt. Renard has been plotting. And it’s going to be a very memorable return!

+ HISTORY IS IMPORTANT — Remember that reveal with Hitler and the coins two episodes back? Says Greenwalt: “[That reveal] was just pulling back a layer of our relationship with historical events.” (Aside: I really appreciated the bridging between mythical monsters and real-life ones. Agree?)

+ SPEAKING OF THE COINS… They’ll be back. “They’re going to come back and haunt us,” says Kouf.

+ DRAGONS WILL BE BACK… IN SEASON 2. In no rush to immediately circle back, Kouf and Greenwalt revealed we’ll have to wait until next season to see the crazy dragon woman who escaped the explosion in the last new episode. The delay, says Kouf, was a testament to their already packed to-do list for this season. Which, in a way, makes me all the more excited about the last stretch.


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Hey Sandra. I’ve heard rumors about Klaus & Caroline dancing together at the decade dance, but I wanted to know if that’s true or not. P.S. I’d love to play Draw Something with you. My username is [spoiler!] — Amy

Um, I’m SO there. Look forward to amazing art of the highest quality. (Not really.) As for your question… Joseph Morgan won’t say for sure whether Klaus and Caroline share a spin around the dance floor. (After all, I imagine that’s something jealous Tyler would want to stop at all costs.) But it sounds like there’s a good chance, considering he was very careful about his word choice.

What he was a little more forthcoming about? The fact that Klaus isn’t fazed when Tyler moseys back into Mystic Falls. “He doesn’t think that Tyler is going to be any kind of competition for him, so I think really he’s not taking that threat seriously at the moment,” he says. “Klaus is gonna be looking to make some sort of connection with Caroline. The way he feels is, if he HAS to go to this dance, then obviously, she’s gonna be the reason why he goes.”

I can’t decide who I hate more on Shameless. Monica or Karen. Tell me at least one of them bites it in the finale. — Nan

I believe it’s a body count-free episode. (But I have to say, if eye daggers could kill, Frank would be a goner after you see the terrible exchange between him and Ian in the finale!) Also, death isn’t the only way to get rid of a character, so don’t be surprised if other forces send one (or more!) of those ladies packing.

I feel like I know so much about what’s coming up on Bones but also nothing at all. Does that make sense? At any rate, what can you tell me about what’s coming up? — Debra

Well, now that Bones has been picked up for another season, I can tell you a little bit about what we might see next season. You see, after the baby storyline was integrated into the current season (which finally returns Monday!) a few things were put on a the backburner and could resurface next season. Among them? A personal storyline with Cam, and according to EP Hart Hanson, “a Hodgins family surprise.” “Our hands were a little bit tied this year because of the five fewer episodes, we weren’t able to give some of the other characters that we love, Hodgins and Cam, more extensive arcs,” said fellow EP Stephen Nathan in a conference call with reporters.

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So is it just me, or is Justified getting better every week?! Any sneak peeks about next week’s episode you’d like to share, pretty please? Also, I know that this probably isn’t your specific area, but what is up with the musical score?? It’s gone from cool modern-western to something that reminds me of American Beauty. It’s fine, I guess, but I’m used to (and like) the older score better. I was just wondering if this was a permanent thing… — Nicole

You’re right about a few things: 1) It IS getting better every week. 2) I have sensed a bit of a difference in the musical score. 3) Music is not my specific area of expertise. I did, however, cook up a music related spoilery bit that might interest those of you with a keen ear. (Best of both worlds!) I hear that unlike the past couple of seasons, the song “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” by Brad Paisley does not close out the season. And when you see the episode, you’ll see why…

Any Boyd spoilers? — Joe

There’s a big surprise on the way for Boyd in the April 10 season finale — but good or bad?

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I’m really liking Ben on Fairly Legal. I love the chemistry he shares with Kate. Are we going to see these two heat up a bit? — Kim

Heat up, indeed. When I got on the phone to chat with Sarah Sahahi, she teased an episode that finds Ben and Kate having some Jacuzzi time! “Some of the things that he says and does to her, she’s awestruck,” she teases. “She has no idea what to do or say next. It’s pretty rare to see Kate in that kind of situation.”

Any good NCIS scoopage? — Linda

Well, I have a question for you: Do you like Scott Wolf’s character? Just askin’…

I’m sick…. :-( help me feel better by scooping me w/ some #Leverage please! #SpoilerRoom — @reebsreiswig

This should heal you right up: An episode in season 5 will find the team getting political as they set up a con that they hope will get a congressman to pass a bill for a female athlete seeking justice. Sounds like School House Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill,” but with more ass kicking!

I can’t WAIT for this week’s Once Upon a Time (the one with Barbara Hershey). Do you think it’ll be one of my favorites of the season? — Kira

I’d definitely put it in the top 5. Not only do we get a chance to see a pre-Evil Regina, but Hershey told me the “juicy” role left her feeling like there was no way she could turn down the part. (Also, she’s a big fan of the show!) And, honestly, who can turn down a role that lets you, as she says, “throw people across the prairie with a wave of your hand.” More from my convo with her on Sunday!

I did not like the Ringer news in the Death Watch. I don’t want this show to go away. If it does, the CW will have one very angry fan on its hands. Any scoop on if the season will also act as a series finale in case that happens? — Karrie

That’s actually already on my handy dandy list of questions for Ioan Gruffudd, who’s stopping by EW next week to chat about Ringer. Got more? Send ’em to me:!

I feel like Jim and Pam haven’t done much on The Office this season as a couple. Are we going to see more from them before the end of the season? — Selene

You know, I recently brought this up with B.J. Novak, and he brought up a great point, saying much of what makes J&P special as a couple is their impervious nature. It’s something he said they try hard to preserve. “We don’t want to cheapen them just for some ratings. We would never do that,” he said. “On the other hand, you do need to tell stories that are interesting about these great characters. So we spend a lot of time talking about what would be real about these people that would be interesting to show.” So, he said, next season (when it’s officially renewed, that is) will likely focus on the pair’s next step. “I think possibly next year they will start looking at the future beyond Dunder-Mifflin, and I think that may come up at the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next,” he said. “This is a small company, they are a growing family, are their entire lives going to be at Dunder-Mifflin and Scranton? I think their story may not be about the problems between them, but the world that they face together.”

Hi Sandra!! I absolutely love your Spoiler Room! I always look forward to it! I’m dying for some Supernatural info! Are we ever going to see the Impala again?! It’s just not quite the same without it! And is Bobby ever coming back?! I miss Jim Beaver! Thanks Sandra!! — Alexis, Ottawa Ontario

If I had to put odds to it, I’d say our chances of seeing the Impala again this season are 60-40 (with favorable odds). And our chances of seeing Jim Beaver again are 40-60 (with unfavorable odds). Emphasis on the actor — not necessarily Bobby… (Also, thank you! I love Canada.)

I had a wonderful time Sandra! — @DuleHill

Me too, Dulé! And if any Psych-Os missed our chat, they can read it here. Or, watch below!

(Mandi Bierly, Marc Snetiker and April Daley contributed to this column.)

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