Reviews of the latest movies in stores, including ''War Horse,'' ''The Iron Lady,'' and more
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Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991, R)
The Material Girl exposes herself?this time, not literally?in Alek Keshishian’s candid and catty doc about her 1990 Blond Ambition tour. Blu-ray debut. (Also on iTunes) A-

Being Elmo (2011, PG)
Whoopi Goldberg narrates this marvelous nonfiction profile of Kevin Clash, creator of and puppeteer behind the beloved and rather ticklish Sesame Street staple Elmo. (Also on iTunes) A

War Horse (2011, PG-13)
Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson Steven Spielberg tugs at the heartstrings with his moving, old-fashioned wartime drama about a boy and his heroic companion. (Also on iTunes) A-

We Bought a Zoo (2011, PG)
Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson Damon plays a nice-guy widower who, with his kids, heals his heart in the company of animals. (Also on iTunes) B

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976, R)
David Bowie, Candy Clark Nicolas Roeg’s surreal sci-fi head trip follows an innocent flame-haired alien (think Bowie circa Station to Station) who travels to Earth and becomes obsessed with our vices, namely greed, television, and booze. (On Netflix instant viewing) B+

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The Iron Lady (2011, PG-13)
Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent Streep is spot-on as Britain’s Margaret Thatcher. The rest of the film is less award-worthy. B 4/10

Into the Abyss (2011, PG-13)
Werner Herzog’s documentary digs into a Texas triple-homicide case and examines the thorny issue of capital punishment in America. C 4/10

We Bought a Zoo
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