The stars discuss their roommate-from-hell sitcom

By Nuzhat Naoreen
Updated March 30, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

ABC’s nervy new sitcom may not spell out the B—- in its title, but it won’t take viewers long to fill in the gaps. Krysten Ritter (Gilmore Girls, 27 Dresses) plays Chloe, a dominating New Yorker who terrorizes a revolving door of roommates in order to get them to flee the apartment — but leave their security deposit behind. Enter Dreama Walker (The Good Wife) as June, the trusting new roomie who refuses to give in, even as Chloe walks around nude, suggests foursomes, and hooks up with June’s fiancé. EW grilled Walker and Ritter about their characters’ screwy — and satisfying — relationship.

Your characters have a pretty dysfunctional friendship. Are you the new Laverne and Shirley?
Krysten Ritter It’s more Tom and Jerry. The whole episode they’re chasing each other around in circles, and when they finally meet up and are friends for a second, the cat takes off again. That’s the dynamic.
Dreama Walker There’s a sense of camaraderie, like we would do anything to help each other, but also if one of us gets a chance to get ahead, we will.

Chloe is quite the schemer. Krysten, did you ever consider playing nice girl June?
Ritter God, no. There’s no way I could play any other role. In the pilot alone, I’m selling drugs, I’m in a rap-music video, I have a switchblade, and I’m naked. For me there was no question.

Chloe also gets a kid drunk in the pilot. Did either of you have any reservations after reading the script?
Walker I definitely thought it was a little crazy for a network show. But I would so much rather do something that’s crazy and edgy than something that doesn’t take any risks at all.
Ritter I was worried that they would soften it. That was the only concern I ever had.

Do you have any similarities to your character?
Walker June and I are very similar in the sense that we both know all the rules and therefore think if we break them it’s 10 times worse than anyone else breaking them.
Ritter I guess the sense of humor and the ballsiness. Every once in a while I’ll find myself saying something the bitch would say.

You also get to work with James Van Der Beek. Were you a fan of Dawson’s Creek or Varsity Blues?
Ritter I never saw Dawson’s Creek, and I thought Varsity Blues was a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. I had no idea.
Walker My mother wouldn’t let us watch [Dawson’s Creek]. We’re obviously freaks of nature for not knowing that side of him.

It seems to be a great time for female-driven comedies. Do you think that will help your show?
Walker I’m really thankful that New Girl and 2 Broke Girls have done as well as they have. They’ve totally paved the way for us. But I think we’re something different.

If you could steal a roommate from the current crop of TV sitcoms, who would it be?
Ritter I kind of adore Max Greenfield [who plays Schmidt] on New Girl. Somehow he is saying the smarmiest things, but he’s so lovable.

Would Chloe torment him or fall for him?
Ritter She would eat him for breakfast.

So tell us what does the B—- really stand for?
Walker We could make it bagels or brains or beetles.
Ritter I play the bitch, so for me, there’s nothing else it could be.