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March 29, 2012 at 06:28 PM EDT

The May upfronts are just around the corner! Death is nigh, my friends! Time to check the status of nearly all broadcast shows. Here’s what we’re hearing along with each show’s current adults 18-49 average rating:


Alcatraz: 3.4 rating. Status: Not hopeful: Monday’s finale was the lowest-rated episode for the season.

Allen Gregory: DEAD

American Dad: 2.8 rating. Status: RENEWED.

American Idol: 6.7 Wednesdays, 6.2 rating Thursdays. Status: It’s now a full-on team sport to bag on the aging music competition, but this franchise ain’t going anywhere (yet). The bigger question is how much the judging panel will change next season.

Bones: 3.0 rating. Status: RENEWED.

Breaking In: DEAD

Family Guy: 3.9 rating. Status: Absolutely.

Fringe: 1.7 rating. Status: We’ve been hearing Fringe was doomed — until this week. There’s renewed hope for a 13-episode “final season” pickup thanks to the modest performance of Alcatraz.

Glee: 3.8 rating. Status: Of course! We gotta see what happens next at McKinley High after some of its talented seniors graduate.

Hell’s Kitchen. 3.4 rating. Status: Sure, why not?

House: 3.5 rating. Status: The doctor is out!

Kitchen Nightmares: 1.7 rating. Status: Yawn. Isn’t it time for this kitchen to close already? Especially if Gordon Ramsay’s latest, Hotel Hell, breaks out.

Napoleon Dynamite: 2.8 rating. Status: Nah. We aren’t feeling it.

New Girl: 4.2 rating. Status: Oh course, the cutest gal on Fox is coming back for another season!

Raising Hope: 2.6 rating. Status: Not the greatest performer but the auspices are awesome, especially if Fox wants to continue to try and build a four-sitcom comedy block on Tuesdays. We predict another season.

The Cleveland Show: 2.0 rating. Status: Probably.

The Finder: 2.8 rating. Status: Any optimism is unfounded.

The Simpsons: 3.5 rating: Status: RENEWED

The X-Factor: 4.4 rating. Status: RENEWED. (But who are the new hosts and remaining judges?)

I Hate My Teenage Daughter: 2.2 rating. Status: Yanked with two episodes still in the can. Not officially canceled, but Fox never officially canceled Moment of Truth either.

Terra Nova: 3.6 rating. Status: Canceled by Fox, cuerrently shopping for another home. We’re not holding our breath, especially since stars like Jason O’Mara have already booked other shows.

Touch: 3.3 rating. Status: Kiefer Sutherland returns in this drama from Heroes‘ creator Tim Kring. Solid ratings for last month’s preview episode, and Fox just gave it a prime berth after Idol.


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Death Watch

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