By Darren Franich
March 29, 2012 at 03:26 PM EDT

The trailer for the upcoming film People Like Us puts you, the viewer, into a bit of a bind. On one hand, you can’t help but admire the fact that the movie looks like a romantic comedy — gauzy overlit visuals, chipper pop music on the soundtrack, a cast so gorgeous that Olivia Wilde is relegated to a supporting role — but is actually not a rom-com. Instead, it’s the story of a guy (Chris Pine) who learns that his late father had a secret illegitimate child — a child who has grown up to be a struggling single mom (Elizabeth Banks). Intriguing! But then Pine meets Banks, and pointedly does not tell her who he is. And they’re both so pretty… and so tortured… Look, suffice it to say: Awkward half-sibling incest chemistry go! Watch the trailer: 

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