Congratulations, James Van Der Beek! You’ve officially become pop culture’s foremost self-parodist. Between his instantly viral Van Der Memes, his ridiculous performance in Ke-dollar-sign-ha’s “Blow” video, and his upcoming role as (who else) James Van Der Beek on ABC’s Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23, Dawson has finally discovered a way to stay relevant: Never stop making fun of your Paula Cole-soundtracked past.

And hey, if the results are always this funny, we’ll be happy to keep buying what the Beek is selling. In this new promo for Don’t Trust the B—-, the man who mangled “I don’t want your life!” can be found pushing his latest product: tight trousers called Beek Jeans. Or BJs, for short.

That’s right — the video features Van Der Beek suavely saying things like “I love my BJs” while caressing his own WB-approved behind. What would Joey say!? (Actually, we know exactly what she’d say: several polysyllabic words, occasionally punctuated by a hair-tuck.)

Giggle at the video below, then tell us: Are you getting tired of James’s Van Der Schtick? Does the clip make you more likely to watch his new show? And what would you rather wear, Beek Jeans or Mom Jeans?

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