By Hillary Busis
Updated March 29, 2012 at 04:38 PM EDT
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Exactly one year ago, America was transfixed by the spectacle of Charlie Sheen, Hyperverbal Human Train Wreck. It was a simpler time: Catch phrases like “Duh, winning!” still had their luster, tickets for Sheen’s bonkers Torpedo of Truth Tour were still relatively pricey, and Sheen’s extended meltdown was still morbidly fascinating rather than just plain morbid.

But as seasons change and the 24-hour news cycle churns, yesterday’s scandal becomes today’s barely remembered curiosity. The Tragedy of Charlie has lost its sheen. Sure, we all gave a shocked chuckle when the former Two and a Half Men star called his onscreen brother a “troll.” But is it still amusing to listen to Sheen joke about, among other things, showing up on the set of his new show “covered in blood”?

You be the judge. Sheen stopped by Today this morning to chat with Matt Lauer about last year’s “cringeable” behavior and Anger Management, his upcoming FX comedy. Though Lauer calls Sheen a changed man, the actor doesn’t seem all that different — he’s still fond of glib quips and gratuitous displays of ego. And despite his endlessly documented substance abuse, Sheen is also still drinking. (When Lauer tells Sheen that he can’t think of an addiction specialist who would “tell a guy in your position, ‘It’s okay to drink,'” Sheen responds by joking, “Well, if you do, I should go to that guy.”)

The “Winning” attitude, then, hasn’t disappeared. But has our appetite for Sheen’s shenanigans evaporated like a cool glass of Tiger Blood on a hot summer day? Watch the video of Sheen on Today below, then weigh in in the comments.

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