By Darren Franich
March 29, 2012 at 09:30 PM EDT

The executives and filmmakers behind the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games are currently busy devouring bucketfuls of beluga caviar, wiping their mouths with $100 bills, and exercising by swimming through bins filled with all the currency that flowed in from movie theaters last weekend. One would imagine that — between swims — they’re also in the midst of a heated debate regarding the Hunger Games sequels. “Should Catching Fire be split into a trilogy?” asks producer Nina Jacobson. “I got a better idea,” replies director Gary Ross. “Why don’t we do a trilogy, but then make it a five-part trilogy, like Douglas Adams and Robert Caro?” “Love your thinking, Gare-bear!” says Lionsgate co-chairman Jon Feltheimer, “but the big question is: Should we make Mockingjay into five movies…or five movies and a prequel and a reboot?” It’s fun making movies.

Soon, though, the filmmakers will be faced with an even bigger question: Who is going to star in the 20 Hunger Games sequels? We’ve been helping out this week as best we can, offering our suggestions and canvassing you readers for your thoughts about who should play handsome mer-person Finnick Odair, lovably cynical murderess Johanna Mason, and decadent Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee. But let’s get down to brass tacks: Who should play everyone in Catching Fire? Who would you like to see play Beetee and Wiress, the elder tributes from District 3? Or Mags, the extremely elder tribute from District 4? Who were you envisioning playing Chaff, the free-spirited tribute who gives Katniss a smooch? What actress in her early to mid-thirties could play the role of Enobaria, the vicious tribute with sharpened gold teeth? What young red-haired actor should play Darius the peacekeeper? And who would be your personal picks to play the villainous power trio Brutus, Gloss, and Cashmere?

Here are my personal picks to get you started:

Beetee: Kenneth Cranham

Wiress: Polly Walker

Mags: Lindsay Duncan

Enobaria: Kerry Condon

Chaff: Kevin McKidd

Brutus: Ray Stevenson

Darius: I’m actually assuming they’ll cut him out. But maybe they’ll give him his own spin-off! If so, then Max Pirkis.*

Gloss and Cashmere: Real-life siblings Lisa Zane and Billy Zane. (Turns out Billy Zane has a sister, you guys!)

Are we forgetting anybody? Oh, the Morphlings, of course! Clearly, they should be played by Meryl Streep and Christopher Plummer.

Okay, gang, now it’s your turn: Who would you want to see in Catching Fire?

*First person to guess what my first seven picks have in common wins for the day.

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