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Carmike Cinemas, the country’s fourth-largest movie theater chain, will release the contentious documentary Bully as an R-rated film, as it was initially designated by the Motion Picture Association of America.

A rep for Carmike Cinemas told EW: “It’s just like any other movie content that’s out there being distributed. It was originally rated an R picture. We certainly respect the MPAA and all that they do and how they evaluate and review pictures, and that’s the rating that it received, and that’s how we’ll handle it. It was rated R and that’s how we’ll present it in theaters.” The decision means minors will need to be with a parent or guardian to see the film.

The rep also quashed a report by the Los Angeles Times that Carmike had previously decided not to screen the teen bullying doc, calling the story “erroneous.”

The Weinstein Company refused the MPAA’s R rating and announced on Monday that it would release Bully as an unrated film. The documentary will also be treated like an R-rated film by Regal Cinemas, the nation’s largest theater chain, while AMC Theaters, the second-largest chain, will allow minors to buy tickets if they present a signed parental permission slip.

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