There are no rhymes in the video below, so don’t get excited. But the local NBC affiliate in San Diego did at least use one Grinch reference when reporting on the Lorax statue that was stolen from the La Jolla, Calif., garden of Audrey Geisel, the 90-year-old widow of Dr. Seuss (real name, Theodor Geisel), over the weekend. Property manager Carl Romero told NBC San Diego that the thieves dragged the 300-pound bronze statue down a hill, over a fence, and probably into a car. (Is it wrong that we’d like to see video of that?) Police are investigating, but Romero is offering the guilty party an out. “Give me a call, I’ll come and get it. I won’t press charges. But if we find it…we definitely will press charges. So your name will be in print and everybody’ll know you did it.”

That’s a nice try, but Audrey Geisel’s daughter, Lark Grey Dimond-Cate, who sculpted the missing statue, did a better job laying on the guilt: “It’s crummy to sneak into a 90-year-old widow’s home, in the dead of night, and steal her Lorax. You can’t be doing that,” she said. “It gave her so much happiness to get up in the morning and look out the window and see her little Lorax. And she got up the other day, and he wasn’t there,” she continued. In conclusion: “Let’s bring a happy end to this story,” she said, while holding a little replica. “The little guy doesn’t belong to ya. He belongs up at Seuss house. Bring him home.” Watch the plea below.

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