The Hunger Games

In explaining the phenomenon fueling The Hunger Games film’s massive $155 million opening, many box office prognosticators referred to the 24 million copies of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy printed in the U.S. alone. But now it seems we’ve all been aiming our arrows far too low. Scholastic released updated figures today, and it looks like there are more than 36.5 million copies of Katniss Everdeen’s saga available domestically. Publishers are notoriously cagey about releasing sales data, but when the numbers are this robust, there’s reason to brag. Here’s the breakdown by book:

The Hunger Games: 17.5 million copies

Catching Fire: 10 million copies

Mockingjay: 9 million copies

The Hunger Games and its sequels have occupied the top three spots on USA Today‘s best-seller list for 10 of the last 11 weeks. The numbers will continue to climb as more people flock to see the film and announcements are made about the sequels.

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The Hunger Games

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