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Christie Brinkley thought she was stopping by Today yesterday to discuss her upcoming stint as Roxie Hart in the Broadway revival of Chicago, but ended up in tears as host Matt Lauer chose to center the interview on her turbulent divorce from Peter Cook.

The 58-year-old model and actress remained stoic as Lauer began to fire inflammatory questions about her public and aggressive divorce from Cook — who she was married to for 12 years — but she ended up breaking down as the persistent questioning continued. Watch the tense interview after the jump.

In response to Brinkley’s interview, Cook has released a statement, TMZ reports. “Christie was entirely dishonest about the circumstances surrounding the current court action which was precipitated by her and … is doing further damage to our children,” said Cook. “I am also shocked by the blatant lies she told regarding our divorce proceedings of four years ago, including denying the indisputable fact that she fought for an open courtroom despite the warnings it would harm our children.”

Cook added that “[Brinkley] will stop at nothing to continue the drama in our lives in order to harass me and keep herself relevant in the media.”

What do you think, PopWatchers? Was Lauer out of order in his line of questioning? Or is Brinkley using her fame to perpetuate a feud?

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