March 27, 2012 at 06:25 PM EDT

Tomorrow, the website My Damn Channel, home to funny webisodes like Wainy Days, will launch its first live series. Hosted by actor-comedian-writer Beth Hoyt, My Damn Channel LIVE will air weekdays at 4 p.m., with 30-minute shows every Wednesday and 10-minute segments on the other four days of the workweek. Before Hoyt takes the online stage tomorrow, EW asks the comedian what celebs she hopes to nab, whether she’s expecting the unexpected, and how she plans to translate a late-night format to an afternoon airtime. Get to know Beth Hoyt, and be sure to check out a promo for the show after the jump:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why should people tune in to the show?

BETH HOYT: Because it’s unlike anything out there and because it’s live. While anything can happen, we are planning a lot of exciting and crazy stuff. With the combination of what we’ve planned and what we are unable to plan… I don’t know what we’ll be hit with, but I’m ready for it.

Tell me what you are able to plan.

Wednesday’s shows are the big weekly half-hour shows when we have celebrity interviews, and the other days of the week will be 10-minute segments. People can tweet into the show, so we’ll also do fun interactions with real-time viewers along with calls to action. They’ll tweet back, and I’ll prove that the show is live!

Can you describe the format of the show?

It’s kind of like a late-night TV show on the Internet, condensed into just the fun parts. I do a lot of crazy things, but then we’ll have celebrity interviews and also 30 brand-new My Damn Channel original comedy series that we will show. We’re kind of like a guide for all of the YouTube viewers of the coolest new videos to watch. Rather than getting lost in the Internet, we provide it all for you right here.

What kind of guests can we expect to see on the show? Will you have guests only for the Wednesday shows or can we expect people to turn up throughout the week?

For the premiere this Wednesday, we have comedian Jon Glaser, which we’re super excited about. Our guests will mostly turn up on Wednesdays because it’s the longer show. We’ll have a lot of comics, YouTube personalities, famous actors, and some interesting authors. So the interviews will be on Wednesdays, but, you know, if Tom Hanks can only come in on Friday, we can maybe work around that. We’ll make that happen.

I feel like you could make an exception for him.

I mean, we’ll see. [Laughs]

What celebrities would be on your wish list?

David Wain is one, and we actually got a big check mark on that because he’s going to be our second guest. And Elizabeth Banks is kind of my personal hero.

Have you seen The Hunger Games?

I just did.

What did you think of her?

I think she’s edible. I mean edible in the best ways.

Maybe you could do one of your segments dressed up as Effie…

I could only dream of that.

Aside from potential Effie impersonations, how will your show differ from what we see on late-night TV?

It’ll be a little bit more off-kilter. Not quite so much straightforward stuff. We have a lot of interviews that we hope to be more interesting, like making breakfast together, or painting a picture, or performing in character. We want to keep it real and totally fresh.

What are you doing to get ready for Wednesday’s big premiere?

I’m just trying on all my new wardrobe clothes to find my new outfit. We’re planning ahead as much as we can, and we’ll probably throw half of that out, but it’s just kind of doing a lot of looking to the future while we have a minute to breathe. It’s all still such a cloud of vagueness because it hasn’t happened yet, so it’s so interesting being in this space right now before we get in the complete tornado.

My Damn Channel LIVE! premieres tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET on at and YouTube.

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