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Hugh Jackman may be pleased as punch to play Victor Hugo’s iconic character Jean Valjean in the new big-screen remake of French Revolution musical Les Misérables, but you wouldn’t know it from the production still Jackman tweeted yesterday evening. The song-dance-and-emote man teased, “Very excited about how the first days of filming are going!! Check out my convict look.”

And so you can below:

Jackman then added cryptically, “but [my look is] changing soon.” In the classic tale, Valjean serves 19 years in 19th-century French prison for stealing bread to feed his sister’s starving family, and then trying to escape. He is eventually paroled and manages to make good on his tattered life, only to endure the relentless pursuit of vengeful Police Inspector Javert (played by Russell Crowe, a set pic of whom surfaced for the first time yesterday).

This first official pic from Jackman gives more depth and detail to a paparazzi shot of the same costume, which hit the Internet last week. You can see the angst in Valjean’s eyes, the weariness etched into his furrowed brow, and the wear and tear of decades on the chain gang in his scraggly beard.

I suspect it’s only a matter of time before industrious Photoshoppers mash up this image with shots of a besequined, midriff-exposing Jackman in The Boy from Oz/Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway. (Or maybe they won’t since the only image I can find of this vivid personal memory is in teddy bear form.)

Either way, the Aussie actor has been tweeting up a storm from the set of Les Mis, including a pic of his character’s name on his trailer and Valjean’s prison identification number in chocolate — a gift from composer Cameron Mackintosh. What do you hope to see from him next, film fans?

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