Last week, Geraldo Rivera made headlines by blaming a hoodie for slain teenager Trayvon Martin’s death. After facing criticism from the media, celebrities, and his own son, Rivera today issued a “sincere and heartfelt apology” for his remarks.

“I apologize to anyone offended by what one prominent black conservative called my ‘very practical and potentially life-saving campaign urging black and Hispanic parents not to let their children go around wearing hoodies,'” Rivera wrote in an email to POLITICO. He added that “by putting responsibility on what kids wear instead of how people react to them I have obscured the main point that someone shot and killed an unarmed teenager.”

Additionally, Rivera verbally apologized on his radio show this morning. “[M]y own family and friends believe [that] I have obscured or diverted attention from the principal fact, which is that an unarmed 17-year-old was shot dead by a man who was never seriously investigated by local police,” he said. “And if that is true, I apologize.”

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