By April Daley
Updated March 27, 2012 at 08:05 PM EDT

If you don’t want your off-the-cuff words to go viral, don’t chat near the mics. President Obama is learning that lesson the hard away after he was overheard telling outgoing Russian president Dmitri Medvedev he’ll have more flexibility on security issues after he wins reelection this November. Whoops.

But the president isn’t the first person to be caught off-guard in a microphone blooper. Behold, five other candid moments that could’ve been prevented with one measly reminder: Hey you, there’s a mic right there.

Britney Spears to her fans

The pop princess is a repeat offender. In 2001, Spears experienced a pre-show freak-out backstage when she realized she would be walking on stage at Brazil’s Rock in Rio without music. “Don’t tell me they’re just letting the audience f—ing stand out there like that. Oh my God. Let’s hurry y’all, seriously. This is retarded.” Only problem: Her mic was still on and the pop star’s fans did hold it against her. The crowd began booing.

Eight years later, she still hadn’t learned her lesson. It was bad enough when the singer’s leotard ripped during a performance of “I’m A Slave 4 U” at a concert in Tampa. The situation went downhill after she dropped the P-word. As the lights dimmed and Ms. Spears was being lowered beneath the stage, she accidentally told the entire crowd her vajayjay was hanging out. Classy.

Christian Bale to a crew member

Christian Bale unleashed 36 F-bombs on the set of Terminator Salvation when the director of photography walked around on set during takes. “Think for one second!” It didn’t take long for the rant to become an Internet sensation. Bale publicly apologized, and soon after won an Oscar for his role in The Fighter.

Sue Simmons to TV audience

New York news anchor Sue Simmons noticed something weird during the filming of a teaser for the evening news. “What the f— are you doing?” she asked a coworker in baffled rage. Moments later, she apologized, but the on-air profanity left an impression. It provided fodder for late-night sketches and a video that has over 2 million views.

Bush to Cheney

George W. Bush knows how to spot “a major league” A-hole. Minutes before he delivered a campaign speech in 2000, he let Dick Cheney know that’s exactly what New York Times reporter Adam Clymer was. “Big time,” Cheney agreed.

Jesse Jackson to FOX News

In the lead up to the 2008 elections, the veteran civil rights activist sat down with Fox News. During a break, not knowing he was being recorded, he said that then-Senator Obama “talked down to black people,” and he muttered his solution to the problem: “I want to cut his nuts out.” Well, that’s one form of problem solving.

Sound off, PopWatchers. Who’s the worst offender? What on-camera microphone blooper will you never forget?

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