Credit: Vogue

Jennifer Lopez may have graced the cover of Vogue’s April Shape issue, but it’s an essay inside the magazine that’s generating the most chatter.

After writing a controversial piece about putting her seven-year-old daughter on a year-long diet, Manhattan socialite Dara-Lynn Weiss has nabbed a book deal with Random House’s Ballantine, according to MediaBistro.

The memoir, which has been tentatively titled The Heavy, will recount Weiss’ journey to get her daughter, Bea, to lose weight.

Critics, including this anonymous New York Magazine blogger, have accused her of exploiting her daughter’s weight loss issues to gain a Vogue byline, while others have assailed her dieting methods.

In the essay, Weiss claims her pediatrician recommended that she address then six-year-old Bea’s weight during a check-up. But it wasn’t until Bea came came home crying because a boy in school had called her fat that Weiss decided to take action. Writes Weiss:

What followed was a year-long diet based on the program “Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right,” that she recounted for the magazine. Here’s an excerpt via Jezebel (which also dubbed her essay “the Worst Vogue Article Ever”):

In the end, Bea dropped 16 pounds and her mom gained a book deal.

Are you interested in reading her book? Do you think the controversy around her essay is warranted? Or has it been blown out of proportion?