By Nuzhat Naoreen
March 26, 2012 at 12:30 PM EDT
ABC Family

When we last left the teens of Secret Life, Ricky had finally popped the question to Amy. So, when the series returns tonight (for its first season in the summer!), the newly engaged couple will probably be super busy obsessing over flower arrangements and guest lists, rights? Well, not quite…

Though Amy finally has the commitment (and the ring!) she’s been waiting for, she gets a serious case of cold feet when it comes to setting a date, according to executive producer Brenda Hampton. “The tables are kind of turning now that he’s asked her to marry him. Everyone is pushing her to set the date and she’s a reluctant to do so,” says Hampton. “She starts thinking about it a little too much, so we’ll see where that takes us.”

Adds star Shailene Woodley: “She wanted to be engaged with him to have some security, but once she actually got engaged I think she kind of freaked out a little bit about it.”

Of course, the wedding won’t be the only thing weighing heavily on Amy’s mind. As she and Ricky adjust to their cozy new living arrangements, they become increasingly careless in the bedroom — a mistake that could have some major consequences. “Amy does experience a pregnancy scare,” says Hampton, though she wouldn’t reveal whether the scare will actually result in another sibling for their son, John.

There are some big twists ahead for other characters too. Gracie will find out this season that she has a half-brother — a discovery that has plenty of ramifications. Meanwhile, Ben falls head over heels in love with someone who Hampton says could either be “the love of his life or a fatal attraction.” Yikes.

Are Ricky and Amy really having another baby? And do you think we’ll see them tie the knot anytime soon?

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