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The gradual introduction of Megan in the fourth season of Mad Men was one of the more interesting stealth plot lines in recent TV history. Initially just another pretty face in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce secretary pool, Megan became a surprise dark horse in the “Who Will Be the New Mrs. Draper?” sweepstakes after a late-night work session with Don turned steamy. A trip to Disneyland — and Megan’s soft-power approach to parenting — sealed the engagement.

Thanks to Matthew Weiner’s fervent anti-spoiler policy, nobody knew what sort of role Megan would play in the new season. I figured she’d be relegated to guest-star domesticity, like Pete’s wife, Trudie. So it was a genuine surprise that last night’s episode was, in many ways, a Megan-centric episode. While the new Mrs. Draper threw her husband a party and sang a sultry French love song, we saw the other characters respond to her new expanded role. Don has never been happier. Peggy is skeptical. Harry Crane looked exactly like this.

So we know that the Mad Men characters have mixed reactions to Megan’s arrival. The question is, how do you feel about her? Actress Jessica Paré has been upgraded to a series regular, and her double role as Don’s wife and coworker seems to indicate that she’ll be a central part of the new season of Mad Men. That’s a bold move, considering that the character seems purposefully designed to be a love-or-hate or love-to-hate discussion topic. On the love side: Megan is a generous anti-Betty who enjoys dancing, smiling, and underwear-maid role play. On the hate side: Megan slept with her boss when he was in a committed relationship and leveraged her relationship with said boss into a promotion. (Like all French-Canadian women, she’s also perpetually on the edge of becoming a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.) On the love-to-hate side: She’s totally hot and sings sultry French love songs, making her the perfect foil to beleaguered everygal Peggy.

I like what the character brings to the show, but I’m interested to hear what you think. Do you love Megan or loathe her? Has she already made you forget four seasons of passive-aggressive Betty? Or will you never forgive her for coming between Don and Faye?

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