A few weeks ago, Justin Bieber dropped in on the new single by Far East Movement, giving us the first non-Yuletide taste of the plucky Canadian since the release of Never Say Never at the top of 2011. At midnight last night, he struck again, this time in the form of the first single from his forthcoming album Believe.

The track is called “Boyfriend,” and it’s built around a woozy keyboard loop, some hollow kick drums, a nice little digi-coustic guitar snap, and Bieber’s newly evolved grown-up voice. Produced by Mike Posner, “Boyfriend” proves that Bieber’s role model is Justin Timberlake, as this is the sort of musical and attitude adjustment that helped JT transition from teen-scream inspiration to serious artist.

Give it a spin below.:

Bieber also learned the value of brevity: “Boyfriend” takes care of business in under three minutes, almost daring you not to hit the replay button to catch whether or not he raps about fondue (he does), compares himself to Buzz Lightyear (yep), uses the word “swaggy” (it certainly sounds like it), and anticipates the arrival of his own falsetto in the song (meta!).

That’s a lot to get across in 173 seconds, but JB does it. Maybe he’s been spinning Ramones records too?

What do you think of Bieber’s new single? Is he growing up or just growing tired? Weigh in down below.

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