Hunger Games Gale Peeta
Credit: Murray Close

Over the weekend, we confirmed via PopWatch polls that moviegoers who’d read The Hunger Games before seeing the film were more likely to cry than those who hadn’t. Only 15 percent of readers didn’t tear up, while 35 percent of non-readers remained dry-eyed. Does whether you’ve read Suzanne Collins’ trilogy make a difference when you’re asked to choose who Katniss should end up with: Gale or Peeta? Vote below…

The results could be interesting: Non-readers don’t know the depth of Gale’s feeling for Katniss (and her confusion over her feelings for him), but they saw him promise to take care of her family when she left for the Games and carry Prim on his shoulders when she returned (swoon). They’ve seen Peeta confess his feelings for Katniss, but they may not grasp how much he’s willing to sacrifice for her. It’s enough to make you feel guilty for being Team Gale (which I was after reading the first book).

Justify your love in the comments section below. Warning: The comments will very likely be filled with spoilers for those who haven’t finished the books, so enter at your own risk.

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