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Wait… it’s already time for another season of Mad Men? It feels like just 17 months ago that we bid farewell to the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce folks! Just kidding—the lack of Mad Men in our lives has been thoroughly agonizing and unacceptable. That will be corrected within a matter of hours, of course, as AMC unveils the double-sized season 5 premiere of the Emmy-winning ad-agency-set retro-drama at 9 p.m. ET. Wondering what kind of delicately devastating drama awaits Don Draper & Co.? You received a few clues if you checked out our recent cover story or these bonus quotes from the cast and creator/executive producer Matthew Weiner. But we’re not done quite yet. EW has squeezed 11 more teases from Weiner, and are serving them up with a special twist: We omitted the names of the characters that he was talking about. Don’t worry, you can find the answers below, so take your best guess as to which person he’s talking about, and then speculate what it all means. Also, feel free to light up a bold-flavored prediction for season 5 in the comments section.

1. “___ was very important to their emergency survival last year. So, is he in a position of greater importance in the agency?”

2. “A lot of the people in the show this year have the same problem. And it has to do with getting things that you want. ___ does not. ___’s problem is ___.”

3. “Everyone saw that ___ was devastated when Don announced his engagement. Just imagine what happens to a woman who got that news…. She’s an angry person and she’s been frustrated by the choices that she’s made, but she’s had choices. Will she ever stop blaming other people for what’s wrong in her life?”

4. “___ is fighting to have control over her life. She never wants to get caught not knowing what she’s doing.”

5. “He is a man who has everything but if he were to realize how he got it, he might feel like he has nothing.”

6. “___ is inadvertently ambitious and maybe she’s discovered more about her ambition as her domestic life seemed less and less satisfying. You’re going to see this conflict that’s at work since the beginning of the show: ___ has a fantasy that if she does everything right, she will have a life out of a magazine. The question is: When is that going to change?”

7. “Being ambitious is an admirable trait, unless you’re ___ and you keep getting caught at it.”

8. “People have been waiting for the extreme, stylish late-’60s to have its impact on the characters. When does it filter down to ___? Not for a long time. In fact, ___ may be wearing that outfit when she’s 70.”

9. “___ is not the character who seems plagued by questions of identity, but when status and success visit him, he starts to wonder who it belongs to.”

10.”The question for ___ is: What is the morality of an immoral person?”

11. “___ is reliable, virtuous and talented. Who wants to be thought of as that?”

ANSWER KEY: 1. Lane (Jared Harris) 2. Don (Jon Hamm) 3. Betty (January Jones) 4. Sally (Kiernan Shipka) 5. Roger (John Slattery) 6. Joan (Christina Hendricks) 7. Harry (Rich Sommer) 8. Peggy (Elizabeth Moss) 9. Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) 10. Bert Cooper (Robert Morse) 11. Ken (Aaron Staton)

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